❝ Have you tried the library yet? I mean, he doesn’t really seem like the type to just roam around. ❞

"I have. He doesn’t seem to be there. And you’re right. He isn’t. I just hope he’s not in Dr. Futahito’s secret lab. I, for one, don’t have fond memories of that place."

You stupid idiot. Now is not the time for this. I have to focus but when was the last time we’ve seen each other other than glimpses between missions, brief greetings and quick goodbyes and ‘come home safely’s? It’s been so long since I’ve seen you. I’ve retained my memories of you, so that’s an indication that you’re alive but there’s still the uncertainty. Has your cadet squad accompanying you been compromised? Did you dive into your mission head first again? Are you wounded?

Are you thinking of me? 

"….Are you ever coming home to me?"

"Not knowing what you feel, that’s not the same as not feeling anything."
— Jason Gideon 
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A small part of him would ache over seeing her so distraught, after all this wasn’t the full story and she would no doubt crack if she knew. The other considered him to be like a father, so naturally, he responded with a parental-like figure towards her, though it was unlikely the twelfth child would listen to even a moment of it at this point, perhaps ever..


Being trained in warfare however left her very knowledgeable, noting she was going for the weaker points of his grasp, though being a scientist versed in the human condition he was easily able to counteract their positioning much in the same way. It was almost like a dance as the scientist slipped effortlessly around her break and arms were now locked over her torso, “I suggest you begin to breathe, Queen.” he grunted as she refused to stay still however “things will get much much worse otherwise”

What else was he supposed to do? At this point she was beyond reason which seemed almost strange to deal with when given the dark haired female. She was usually quite rational albeit this was perhaps a genuine reason.

Keep your wits, Futahito.

How he even managed to encircle her torso escaped her. Her vision was dyed red. All she wanted was to hurt him but he evaded at every turn. Was she even trying get her hands on him? Against his hold, she attempted to wiggle her way out but he tightened his grip. He urged her to breathe. 

How could she after finding all this out? How could any sane person react to this? Breathe, or I will remedy this for you. It was that voice in her head. It sounded like her thoughts but yet at the same time, it did not sound anything like her. 

"I don’t want to hear my alter. I want her to stop."

Then you won’t. 

Suddenly, her body completely shut down on her. All her movements ceased. She was limp in Kazusa’s arms, helpless. Queen couldn’t even turn her neck to see the researcher. All she seemed to be in control of was her eyes. She was conscious but couldn’t lift a finger. No, this was not happening.

Don’t worry. Papa won’t hurt you.” 

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      ❝ Did you need something? ❞

"Yes. Would you happen to know where Ace is? I’ve been looking for him all afternoon."


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ooc. you just can’t appear with the feels mkaaay queenie?!? but ohgawd i’ve missed you!!!

ooc; I’ve missed you too!!!!!! //screeches. I need to be online more often. I HAVE MISSED EVERYONE.

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The pain at her side had gone on long enough. Queen lifted her hand and prepared to cast a simple healing spell. A warm green light formed in her hand and died as quickly as it came. She let out a long sigh that turned into a coughing fit. She lurched forward, hands coming together and beating against her chest while thinking how stupid she could have been.Her plan had failed, causing her to be separated from her squad. And here she was, out of ethers and any strength to move.

Now I see fire
- I See Fire by Ed Sheeran ft. Final Fantasy Type-0


Cosplay: Ace, Nine, Jack, Queen (Final Fantasy Type 0, Final Fantasy Agito)
Cosplayers: Ryan, JP, Tim, Cecilia
Photographer: Becca Simonds

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