”You say that like I wouldn’t." Yet, he’s prepared and sets the plate in front of her. "A few girls from the other classes overheard, so I was bombarded with cakes earlier. Of course, I’d save some for you guys.

"Well, you are under no obligation to share your cakes. That is an option on your birthday.” She eyes the plate he places in front of her. Declining the offer danced through her mind but it was his birthday. She might as well help the birthday boy be rid of the treats. “It seems you have a fanclub. How many have you received so far?”



   ”I saved you some cake?

"Did you really?"

"I think I need to sleep for another few days."



"Rest well."

"Thank you. And please under any circumstances, do not wake me….unless the academy catches on fire. Anything else will go to Trey."



"Now you won’t leave for another 3 years."

"I’ll be sleeping off those three years."



/snuggles up to and offers soup/

"Bless you for existing. I needed this."

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"Peace and quiet at last. I can finally rest my head and sleep off this cold."


"If you are stating as in you, you answer to what seems to be nobody.. She takes over every part of your physical and mental being, this is why you do not remember such events taking place once you come to.” There was no easy way to casually tell someone such a thing, though it would be a lie to say this hadn’t been a rather important to his own research. The entire ordeal, what had come out of it all.. that would be left for another day.

However, alarm bells instantly went off as he heard her pitch change violently along with her normally composed state cracking at the seams as she, for lack of a better word, charged directly towards him. Now, he wasn’t exactly the biggest of men considering he dealt with science of all things and his day to day activities involved lifting beakers and test tubes all day but being friends with Kurasame and Emina had come in handy when it came to standing up for ones self. He had always been picked on when they were younger up until she had cracked and more or less forced him to learn at least evasive manoeuvres to get himself out of danger.


This is where those would quite simply come into play. Tilting his head up ever so slightly their height would already pose a problem for the shorter girl as he stood approximately six inches higher than she, ensuring he was prepared for the strength she would no doubt hold. After all, she was a zero, an Agito, such a girl should not be taken lightly especially given the circumstances.

"I suggest you calm yourself down before you trigger something you don’t wish to deal with.” he barely managed to get the words out when her body had rather roughly collided into his own, attempting to secure his large hands around her slender wrists to pry her off. Though, if the twelfth child were to snap, if she just so happened to hit such a level of aggression and hate he would be face to face with her, a thought that when put into perspective really didn’t seem so bad..

She takes over every part of your physical and mental being. This is why you do not remember such events taking place once you come to. So her other was a she. Queen watched the doctor’s expression for any lies. She found no indications that he was lying. All signs spoke the truth, but still she didn’t want to believe.

She just couldn’t. She rushed forward to claw his eyes out but he had tilted his head up. Her hands couldn’t get to his face, let along his neck. Her body collided with his. His hands snaked around his wrists. Upon feeling his hold, she attempted to twist her hands in such a way that she would be able to slip out by attacking the weakest part of his hold: his thumbs. 

"Calm myself! Easier said than done when you learn how much more dangerous you are!" Her temper was rising. Her patience wearing extremely thin. Her vision was dyed red. She had never felt this much anger ever in her life, not even when she had her old life. "How can I calm myself when I just want to hurt you for doing this to me?!"

But you can’t hurt him.

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"It is times like this where I question my decision for summer cleaning….in the middle of the night."

                        i don't want
                           to be
                   { f o r g o t t e n }

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