"And even when you frustrate me, I still want you by my side."
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Feels from earlier, guys? Sorry not sorry.


”..You don’t wanna know.” she grumbled, rolling her shoulders as she adapted back to her female form.


"All right. I suppose I’ve missed a lot this time around."

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My One And Only


Human or l’Cie… her words echoed in his ears, and his smile softened. He knew that had their roles been reversed, his declaration would have been the same. She was his, and he was hers.

"Even when time is against us; in the present, the future, an’ even beyond that - I’ll love you, with all that I am," Nine declared, placing his hand over hers. "Not even magic, or crystals, or monsters, or demons’ill ever separate us; this, I promise ya."

Gently prying her hand from his cheek, he didn’t even wait for Kurasame to give him the prompt, leaning down as his lips brushed against Queen’s, in a gesture that sealed their lives and their fates with one another. He would never let go, and neither would she.

"I pronounce you, man and wife."

She had anticipated the timing of the kiss. Nine was an impatient boy in most aspects of his life, this being no different. It came before Kurasame pronounced them man and wife. She savored the feeling of his lips against hers, his warm hands intertwined with hers.

If fate be willing, this moment would not be taken from them. They fought too hard and lived too little. She would curse hell and heaven if he was taken from her today. They had suffered enough, haven’t they? “Just for today, let’s not worry.”

We’ve fought too hard and lived too little.
Can’t say I’ve wished for better days
But what would we be if not for the battlefield.

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Regina Spektor, “The Call”


Regina Spektor, “The Call”

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Track Title: The Call

Artist: Regina Spektor


I’ll come back
When you call me
No need to say goodbye…


"Something tells me that you need an extended break." he perked an eyebrow, concerned for the other girl. "Same as usual, I’ve been missing Cinque and her usual antics. Sometimes I worry considering I trust you enough to look after her when I cannot. Your disappearance makes a bigger impact than you think, Queen." he directed a small smile towards her, not directing any faults towards anyone. Only a sincere, but concerning smile.

"Perhaps, I do need a breather." She pressed her lips together, allowing the words to settle in. Squeezing her hands a little bit tighter, she imagined that her knuckles would be turning white by now. Queen can’t help but feel that sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. "She was doing well when I last saw her." Weeks ago, she left unsaid.


Regina Spektor, “The Call”


Regina Spektor, “The Call”